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You are a Conscious Leader, managing a Conscious Business. Or at least, you are well on your way to becoming a Conscious Leader and your business is taking major steps to transform itself into a Conscious Business. Congratulations! Your business has become more profitable than those of your peers in the industry because you treat all major stakeholders as equals and they inspire each other to excel. Your customers love you because of all the things you do for them and their community.

Thanks to your transparency, they are becoming conscious as well. You explained honestly and responsibly that some of your products were anti-social, environmentally unfriendly or abusive to animals, and your consumers understood that you replaced them. You sparked a higher purpose in yourself and managed to ignite the flame in your employees and other stakeholders and they are now as inspired as you are; all focused on the same higher purpose. Your spark has become a fire.

You have attracted a management team that doesn’t mind earning less than others in your market; they know they have enough and they prefer to feel one with the rest of the team, especially with the lowest paid employees. Your transparency helps to let them trust you. Your focus is to let them become more productive and share your business abundance with them. This is not only your personal morality; it is also your business’ morality. As an altruistic leader, you allow as much initiative to arise from the lowest levels as possible. Your employees are basically self-managing. Of course, things will go wrong, but you ensure that everybody learns from mistakes and takes responsibility. You also allow initiatives that do not generate immediate revenue but support social stability or make your business Flourishing. You think long term. That’s why your employees love you. You are now ready to be born in the Transparent Community.



I am confident you started seeing the abundance in your life (Enoughness) and using the Illusion of life to your benefit. You raised your Awareness of the biggest challenges within you (Self-Reflection), faced them with Honesty, took Responsibility and started to tackle them, one by one.

You are becoming a healthier (Healthy Body and Mind), more reliable, independent and balanced (Zero Expectations, Zero Needs, Zero Jealousy) partner, in love with yourself (Self-Love) and everybody and everything around you (Oneness).

You accept them unconditionally (Unconditional Love & Compassion) and you forgive them as much as you forgive yourself (Forgiveness). You are eager to make others happy (Unselfishness, Non-Materialism) by choosing the emotions (Choice of Emotions) that fit them best, inspire them (Inspiration) and by being focused and in the moment with them (Mindfulness).

You started to listen carefully to them (Understanding & Respect) and to your Inner Voice, co-create with them (Super-Conscious Creation), knowing that you can do it (Self-Trust). In short, you are following the life path of a Conscious Leader.

You are now ready to transform your business into a Conscious Business. Although your business will make a profit from this transformation, you will no longer maximize profit. Although your business will gain market share, you will no longer maximize power. Although your business will be in it for the long term, you will no longer maximize market penetration. Instead, your business will Maximize Justice, Freedom and Efficiency. These are the Three New Levels for Business.



We cannot change course if we continue to employ the principles that they used to build today’s system. Would you be willing to take effective action, if you only knew how? There is a way out and this book wishes to offer you a helping hand. I do not claim to have the perfect alternative, but I do have ideas that might help you to find an alternative for yourself, a box to jump into.

Whatever you choose to do, the changes you and I will see in our lifetimes will be extraordinary. A new world order is emerging upon us. A different tomorrow awaits us. Nothing is going to be the way it was before. Not our finances, not our politics, not our work life, not our relationships, not the way we experience our spirituality ... all of it is changing ... and is going to continue to change.

The question is whether you will simply watch those changes unfold or actively play a part in shaping our collective future. We desperately need new leadership. We need you!