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Thank you for your interest in my website and services. I have worked all over the world as business consultant and IT specialist for some of the biggest multinationals. Through my own personal experiences, I concluded that the root causes of today's problems are to be found in our own Western belief principles and in our own businesses.

I believe that we, Conscious Leaders, can create a less polarized world, but not until we look at ourselves honestly and objectively, and then join forces to build an alternative economic system for anyone who accepts to think differently, act differently and is willing to act now.

Corporations are key to make these changes happen. But corporations must make profit in the short and long term. In fact, profitability proves that a business and their products and services are in demand.

Research from 2007 until 2013 shows that conscious businesses are more profitable in the long term than traditional businesses. It is this argument that convinced me to collect the 50+ conscious principles and to make them easily accessible to you through a few e-books, an app, course material and consulting tools. It is my pleasure to expedite the cultivation of your conscious business and I am happy to share my experience with you.

Lou Hamburger.